Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ahh, that's better!

There's nothing quite like a weekend away to recharge the old batteries. A LONG weekend is even better, because, hey - more time to get there and back.

No weekend away is complete without some winery visits - and it was a bit of a trial (har-de-har-har), but we managed to fit in a few on Saturday. We left the kids with their grandparents and buggered off for the day.

First we called at Boynton's at Porepunkah, which had a spectacular view across the vineyards to Mount Buffalo....although the mountain was a bit smoke-shrouded, because there's some back-burning going on at the moment.

Plus there's a pretty avenue of autumn trees along the main road. .....and gee, whaddya know? They also had some nice wines.

Then we drove just up the road to Gapsted, and found more lovely wines there (not that I was tasting - someone had to drive).

We also hung out at Milawa, one of our old favourite haunts. We gave Brown Brothers a miss - They're huge, commercial and you can buy their wines anywhere in Australia, so why bother queuing behind the busloads of pissed grey-haired tourists? Instead, we stopped for lunch at one of the little cafes on the main road. We called in at Milawa Mustards and the Olive Shop for some gourmet purchases, then headed off to John Gehrig for some more wine tasting.....

We finished up at the Bright Brewery, where Bike Boy enjoyed a pint of something and I had a lovely glass of a local sauv blanc.

That was pretty close to a perfect day. *satisfied sigh*

Today we got up late-ish, ditched the kids (again) and went out for brekky. We also took our laptops and did some work over coffee. Sad, I know. But it WAS peaceful.

I had hoped to get some photos of the beautiful autumn colours around Bright yesterday. But it seemed that whenever I spotted the perfect view, the light just wasn't right, or there was nowhere to stop the car. Or something. So I thought I'd snap a few this morning..... but the weather was against me. Drat! All I managed in the end was a few shots of the in-laws' garden, in between raindrops:

Back to (boring) reality tomorrow.....


Raechelle said...

Looks very pretty, but cold-brrrrr!

Vickie said...

loved all the pictures!!!

Em said...

Looks like you enjoyed a smashing scenic long weekend :)
I hope your week isn't too boring for you after a weekend like this one hehe :)

Debstar said...

Loved the photos. The colours of the trees are gorgeous.

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