Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A bit of balance, please

As anyone who reads this blog regularly would know, I aim to live a healthy lifestyle, eating well and training hard to achieve my goals. So in case you’re wondering how a weekend in Tassie, chock-full of restaurant meals and winery visits fits into that picture, let me enlighten you.

I was prepared to get up on Saturday and go do something exercise-y outdoors, but Coach instructed me to relaaaaaax. I didn’t need telling twice. :o) It wouldn’t have happened anyway as it turned out, since we had rooms overlooking the Hobart waterfront, and apparently this is a place for every drunken yobbo in Tassie to congregate on a Friday night, making as much noise as they possibly can. Until 5:00am. Yeesh. Sleep was lacking and it’s entirely unlikely that I’d have arisen at 6:30am, ready to do laps of the nearby park or whatever.

We did a bit of walking – nothing strenuous enough to break a sweat, but we walked around the docks on Friday night, around the market on Saturday morning, and around the township of Ross Saturday evening, with a bit more walking on Sunday morning. That was it – the extent of my exercise for the weekend.

Food though – ah, lovely, lovely food! I did not look at a menu once and think “Oh, I mustn’t have that”. I did not calculate calories. I did not log a single meal. I DID look for something that I’d really enjoy at each meal, not some ho-hum thing that I could have at home any old time.

I used a few little strategies to minimise the chance of stuffing myself silly though. Sometimes I ordered an entrĂ©e-sized serve, other times we ordered a serve to share between two of us (fish and chips…..mmm!). Mostly though, I tried to be aware of that little feeling that I often miss – the one that tries to get your attention during a meal, saying in a very quiet voice “Hey - I’ve had enough”. I left almost a third of my breakfast one day – delicious scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and dill, served with toasted Turkish bread - because I really didn’t need any more. Bike Boy valiantly finished that for me. I also left a good-sized chunk of chocolate mousse cake at morning tea. I realised part-way through it that it actually wasn’t all that great AND I wasn’t hungry, so why continue shovelling it in? It’s not like there’d be a shortage of food the rest of the day…..

I tried to do the same with wine. Sure, I wasn’t driving, so I made a point of tasting the entire range at most of the wineries we visited. Good thing their ranges were small and the amounts poured were wa-a-ay on the stingy side. But when we shared a bottle (or two) with a meal, I alternated with plenty of water and cut myself off when I began to get my mucking words fuddled….. which these days, is after about two glasses. What can I say? I'm a cheap drunk. On Sunday afternoon when we visited our last winery for the weekend, I tasted two wines, then decided that I really didn’t need to try the others – after all, Bike Boy can be trusted to pick a good drop of vino.

So, the upshot is, I didn’t deny myself a single thing I really wanted. But I also didn’t make it a no-holds barred all-you-can-eat frenzy. Hang on, did I actually manage some balance while on holiday? Three cheers for me!

By the way, this was worth every single delicious calorie:

Ooh, and look - it's not a stupidly oversized chunk!


The expected fluid bloat was reflected on the scales on Monday morning, with a 1.6kg increase over the weekend (Good thing the airlines don’t weigh passengers and charge excess baggage on THAT surplus!). By this morning, 1.2kg of that had already vanished, as I knew it would.


Oh – the carry-on luggage experiment? No, I didn’t leave my toothbrush or anything vital at home, and I actually could have done without a couple of items. But next time I’m taking an empty suitcase for the purpose of bringing back the wine we buy.

In order to get everything home this trip, we had to do some clever re-packing of our bags to cram a few bottles in, then check those bags so we could lug boxes and bags with yet more wine on board as our carry-on baggage.


Cherub said...

Your weekend sounds so nice. Something similar we need I think.

Raechelle said...

Ooooohhhh-that looks absolutely devine!
And good for you-it's crazy to be uptight about eating all the time. Balance is definitely the key-bravo!

SeLiNa said...

sound like my kinda holiday ;)

Louise Wedgwood said...

Thanks Kek, it's good to hear how other people handle holidays in a way that's healthy (both physically and mentally) and fun.

God that cakes looks enticing!

LizN said...

That cake looks fantastic (balance part aint bad either ;) )


sparklingmerlot said...

Tassie is the perfect place for a holiday. And so refreshing to read about balance. Life should be enjoyed, after all.

How's the house coming along. More progress pictures, please!!

Sam said...

Ha ha ha - I love the phrase "mucking words fuddled" - can I steal it!!?

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