Wednesday, April 30, 2008

High-five me, someone!

I had a woohoo! moment at the gym the other day. It was actually one of the few times I've ever regretted not having a training partner.....only because there was nobody to high-five.

I've been ultra-cautious about my lower back for the last 3 years or so. I used to pump out 200kg leg presses and the like, but having had reccurring problems with my sacro-iliac joint and associated regions, I backed right off on the weights. No heavy barbell squats, no leg presses and no lunges at all when my back was a bit dicky.

Since I've been training with Liz, things have improved a lot. It's been a long road (and there's still a way to go), but I'm now at the stage where I can do most things without fear of something going "pop!". And I'm having far less frequent episodes of back pain. So I've been getting back into barbell squats, deadlifts and the like, but I've probably still been a bit conservative with weights - which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Last Friday, I was doing low-rep sets of rack-pulls and loaded up the bar with 40kg. I stood back and thought I can do better than that. So I banged on another 10kg. I completed my first set and it was hard. But it wasn't TOO hard. So I grabbed another couple of 5kg plates for a total of whatever a 7-foot standard bar weighs (10kg? Anyone know?). I got through my next 3 sets.... with much grunting and baring of teeth, and then grabbed my training diary to record my efforts.

And then it struck me: I'm lifting more than my own bodyweight! Yeah, Baby!



Anonymous said...

That is fantastic well done *high five* *grins*

Unknown said...

You go, Girlfriend!!

Magda said...

hi 5 to ya sister! woohoo :-)


Unknown said...

YAH! way to go Kerryn!!!Whoooowooooo!!

ss2306 said...

Noice - very noice indeed !!

Raechelle said...


Kathryn said...

Nice going *high five*

LizN said...

You go sista! Isn't it the most amazing feeling?


Debstar said...

You're lifting more than your bodyweight! Now I'm feeling like weak Debstar all over again. *high 5* strong-girl Kek.

Kek said...

Did I forget to mention that the next day I was so crippled by DOMS that getting out of bed was an effort?

Way to go! :o)

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