Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I feel a shopping urge coming on

Thanks to LBTEPA for posting the link to gymskinz, where I almost fell off my chair laughing at this t-shirt:

(Just a little immature training joke there.....)

And THEN I found this one for Selina:

Yes, it's a little small, but it says www.I Will Not Bonk.com

Personally, I may go for this one:

("My husband trains harder than your husband")

I also quite fancy FAST PEOPLE SUCK!


SeLiNa said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heeeeeeeeehehehe I LURVE IT!!! Must go check out that website!!
Yes, I will not bonk, I will not bonk...
Wonder what looks I'd get in the gym wearing that!!

Kek said...

Go on, I dare you!

Sara said...

I adore the who fartlek'd. I mean, c'mon.. that's genius and who hasn't thought of 'fart' every time you say 'fartlek' (or 'fatto' (pronounced farto) when speaking Italian).

Sara said...

Oh.. ok, I just got the bonking one.... *snort*.
Double entendre.. clever.

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