Sunday, April 13, 2008


Dinner was good.


Sara said...

Mmm... can I come and live at your house?

with the chickpeas recipe, have you tried them from scratch (i.e. not from canned?). I posted a recipe on the sana site a month or so ago explaining how to make them from dry chickpeas. It just seems to work better.. I don't know why.. I think the canned chickpeas soak up too much water or something.
Loving the recipes. My date pruffins worked out great. Actually, no, I overcooked them and they worked out like weapons of self defense (thats TASTY weapons of self defense mind you).

Kek said...

I probably should use dried chickpeas, but I'm basically lazy. And chronically short on time.

The pruffins can take some practice to get juuuust right. The flavour is always great, but I have varied success with dryness.

Maybe take the oven temp down to 160 AND cut the time a little. Perhaps some extra fruit (apple sauce maybe?) could be added for moisture too. Ooh - I do banana ones as well, but I just had a brainwave - date AND banana!

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