Friday, April 11, 2008

A little more progress

We now have some windows, the roof trusses are finished, and various other bits and pieces have been done that aren't all that obvious. Plus there's a pile of bricks and now more windows all waiting for the tradies to turn up and do something with them.

The garage WILL have a door, by the way - that frame wall at the front is temporary, just to hold up the roof until the brickwork is done.

Back view. The big hole on the left will be a glass sliding door, opening from my studio.

One of our favourite features - glass bi-fold doors (there are two sets of these). Lovely. Horrendously expensive, but lovely.

The remnants of tropical cyclone whatsisname the other day only managed to tear some of the wall wrap to shreds. We're very lucky nothing important was damaged.

Our 'al fresco room' (you have to imagine it with timber decking, barbeque, outdoor furniture and me with a glass of wine in hand):

It's coming along nicely. Things seem to happen at a cracking pace for a couple of weeks, then nothing for a long period. Meh. That's the way it goes....

Why can't it be finished NOW? *pouts*


Chris H said...

Have I asked you this before? I thought you were building a two story house! did you change your minds? It's looking good, coming along really quick! Well it seems so to me anyway.

Raechelle said...

Coming along nicely! Nows when it's fun since it's looking like a house!

Kek said...

Nope, Chris, we were never planning on building a double story place. We're sick to death of mowing and garden maintenance, so the more area the house takes up, the less land there is to worry about.

35 squares on one level is juuuuust fine.


SeLiNa said...

It's definitely starting to look like that absolutely gorgeous display home you took me thru!!!
Me thinks when the house is done, I'll just HAVE to check it out ;)
Housewarming party maybe? ;)

Kek said...

LOL - Selina, if it looks anything like the display home with our crappy furniture in it, that'll be a miracle!

Housewarming for sure! And of course you're don't mind sleeping amongst the dumbbells, do you? ;o)

Jadey said...

I love the idea of the al fresco room. I can picture it now.

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