Wednesday, April 02, 2008


City gridlocked, bridges closed, trains cancelled, cars crushed by trees, power out all over the place, brick walls blown over, thick dust everywhere..... and all because of a bit of wind.

It was scary out on the roads.

At least I wasn't flying.


Sara said...

A little bit breezy, luv?

I'm sure your sons think you could stop a windblown roof panel with your bare hands, so no worries.


linda said...

We had lots of trees down over here. Helped to clear one with my son with our bare hands!! Aren't we clever!!

Kek said...

We were lucky - power went off a couple of times, but not for long. Some people are STILL without power, 2 days later.

No damage here, although the wall insulation that was installed on our house frame on Tuesday is now in tatters. Oh well, that's the builder's problem.

Debstar said...

How cool is that photo. It looks like something direct from France.
Hope it doesn't bring down any planes. Oops did I say that?
Actually you should be on a plane while I type this so it's all good.

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