Friday, April 18, 2008

So, did I....

....go to Koko Black? And Lorna Jane?

Duh! Is the Pope a Catholic?

I headed into town to have lunch with Bike Boy. I took the train, which is always an adventure in the middle of the day. Strangely, of all the people who are not at work on a Friday at 11:30am, and who are travelling on a train, a large proportion are complete scum. Who knew? But that's a whole other story...I'll just note that I changed carriages very early in my journey and move on.

Anyway, lunch. We had Japanese food, and a glass of wine. Nice. Then I walked to one end of town to get a birth certificate for the Middle Child (yes, I DO have one for him, but we have 5,000,000 boxes, of which 4,999,992 are not unpacked.....). The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages contained at least 80 people, all waiting for their number to be called. *sigh* Luckily I had the newspaper sudoku to keep me occupied.... They were actually pretty efficient and the girl who served me was positively chirpy, and 30 minutes later, I got out of there.

THEN I had to walk to the opposite end of town to lodge a tax file number application for the kid. I decided to hop on a tram. I don't travel on trams much and when I do, they always amaze me with how jolty they are. Here's a tip for non-Melburnians: if you visit our city and get on a tram and there are no vacant seats, HOLD ONTO SOMETHING. Unless you like being thrown on your arse every 200m or so. A useful life lesson that my dear grandmother taught me when I was about 5 years old.

Incredibly, when I got to the ATO to do the TFN thingie, there was nobody waiting. NOBODY. I went straight to the counter. And I was served by people with personalities. They made chit-chat. And eye contact. They can't be real ATO staff..... imposters!

Anyway, after all that, time was marching on, so I trammed it back down Bourke St, hopping off halfway to walk through to Royal Arcade to pick up some vital supplies at Koko Black. I grabbed a 45g bar of dark chocolate for me, some nougat for Bike Boy and some gifts..... and THEN I found treasure! A tiny bar of imported French chocolate that is 99% cocoa. Man, how bitter is THAT going to be? I'm saving it. (and I know I've got Sara's attention now)

Then I jumped back on a tram to Spencer St, to get the train home. Of course, since DFO is right there at the station, I had to pop in to Lorna Jane. Yes, I picked up a couple of things, but honestly, when you think about it logically, I was saving money! I mean, today is the first day of the Aus Fitness Expo (to which I am not going *sulks*), so under normal circumstances, by now Selina and I would have bought one of everything at the Lorna Jane stand.

So since I only bought a couple of things - see? Saving! Sheer brilliance. Oh, and (I'm forever grateful to Selina for telling me this), as a fitness professional, I get 20% off all LJ stuff anyway. BAAAAAAARGAIN!

Chocolate, new workout gear, lunch with husband. *satisfied sigh* Me happy.



Sam said...

oooooh Koko Black! I was in Melbourne about five weeks ago and visited twice in the space of two days - definitely worth a visit to Melbourne!

Kathryn said...

Hey, I was on the train around that time today...mmm...

Kek said...

LOL - Kathryn, but I'll bet you weren't SMOKING and speaking inane rubbish, peppered with F*** every 3rd word (seriously, it's an expletive, not a punctuation mark!). And all very loudly to make sure that everyone was paying attention to you.

These fine specimens got on at Keon Park. Say no more.

Unknown said...

Ahhh bliss! All you really needed to complete the package was a pack of liquorice allsorts! ( Bassets or Darrel lee will do - or any other brand come to think of it!)

Kek said...

Linda, I'm really not an allsorts fan - too sickly for me. Nice soft licorice though...mmmm!

SeLiNa said...

LOL!!! Amen to all that :)
I had the same thoughts too.. definitely saving money by spending it here ;)
And that's awesome that you got 20% off. Last time I went they told me it was now only 10%, but I didn't complain. So either it's only in QLD OR the chickys at your store are a little sloow. All the better for yoU!

Sara said...

Wooo.. that's the hard stuff you've got there! I have to admit that the 99% stuff was a little bit beyond the sophistication of my tastebuds. I have tried it twice and think I am not really that purist. I like the 85% stuff better. Perhaps it's something I'll grow into.

Jasmine took one look at me yesterday and spent the rest of the evening following me around with my eyedrops, saying (in a very bossy manner) 'aunty sara, sit DOWN NOW, use your eyedrops and close your eyes'. Then this progressed to 'go to bed and close your eyes and take medicine and don't get up'. I think she was a little bit concerned. At least she has a pro-active manner about these things. She has had conjuctivitis and so knows how to look after sore eyes... obviously.

Debstar said...

Sounds like a top day. I like going out for lunch with my man. Probably because the event is so rare.

The last time I was in Lorna Jane I hummed and harred over some pants for so long the assistant gave me 10% discount just to get rid of me I think.

Jadey said...

I'm so jealous. No one will let me go and eat chocolate :p

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