Saturday, April 12, 2008

So when are you too old?

A little inspiration for anyone who thinks they're too old to do *insert challenging activity here*

I have the pleasure of knowing an amazing 65-year-old lady, named Deana Langham. I've written about Deana's Body for LIFE achievements before, and this gal never, ever quits pushing towards new goals. Last year she bought herself a bike and discovered a new sport she loved. A nasty tumble off the bike and a broken leg requiring surgery and a long and painful rehabilitation slowed her down, but didn't deter her, and she was soon back out in all weather, achieving times and distances that some 30-year-olds would struggle to match.

Today Deana is heading off as a participant in the two-day MS-150 Houston to Austin event. That's a 150 mile ride. (Actually, it's 170-something miles, but 150 apparently sounds better, so they've stuck with it). She's spent months preparing for this, putting in hours of dedicated training each week and I have no doubt that she'll cross the finish line triumphant, with a huge smile....and with a sore 'tush', as she would say.

So, as I said.....if you've been thinking that you're TOO OLD to do something, maybe you need to think again.


Miss D, you're a HUGE inspiration to me. Hope you and "The Kid" have a ball!

Love ya!


Debstar said...

And just when I was starting to think I'm doing OK for an old chook you go and show me what being fit is really like.

Kek said...

You ARE doing OK for an old chook, Deb.

Anyway, age is just a state of mind. I don't plan on ever growing up. :o)

Raechelle said...

Good positive stuff KEK!
I have a friend who's mum learned how to swim at the age of 70 in order to spend more time with her daughter during their visits (my friend is a mad keen diver!)
So-I say you are never too old to do anything your heart truly desires!
And yes-I don't ever plan to grow up either!

Kristy said...

I love these inspirational stories and I don't want to ever grow up :P

BTW Thanks for your feedback on my blog Kek. I understand it all better now...I think I will leave it for now :)

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