Monday, April 07, 2008

Tales from Tassie, part II

The Salamanca Market was a lot like every other market I've ever been to, in terms of the sort of goods that were for sale. I could probably find the same things (or local versions) at the Queen Vic market here in Melbourne. But I'd be jammed in amongst 20 times as many people.

I much prefer my crowds Tassie-style.

We didn't waste much time here..... up the coast, there were wineries to visit and restaurants and cafes to try out.


Cheryl said...

I love Salamanca Market. Living in Tassie for 11yrs, I went quite often. Salamanca on a Friday night was the place to be.
Glad you love it too Kek!
Cheryl x

Raechelle said...

I love your pics of the market-very nice!
Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.
I've never been to Tassie-but it looks like a nice place to visit.

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