Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bricks! And tiles!

Those brickies worked hard today. Four of them turned up early this morning, before I left to go to the gym. And they were still there at around 5:00pm. We figure they've done all they can now without scaffolding. And more bricks.

I haven't bothered posting a pic of the front view, since there's so much crap in front of our block you can barely see the house (portaloo, rubbish skip, piles of building materials...). But here's the side view:

And the back:

The roof tiling's more or less all done. There's still cementing to do and so on, but the tiles are all laid.

We've had minor annoying issues with the carpenter who's doing the framing - because he's a complete moron, and keeps getting things wrong. So there's still some stuff he needs to come back and complete/fix/redo. Can the man not READ a plan?

Anyway, in about another 10-12 weeks, the idea is that it will look something like this:

Different colours, but you get the idea. And for Jadey, who asked who we're building with - it's Porter Davis.


Bike Boy took this - he insists that The Middle Child and I look like twins. Personally, I think the boy is growing less like me. The Baby, however is looking MORE like me. Neither of them are thrilled to be told they look like their Mum, because hey - I'm a GIRL.


Jadey 0:-) said...

Maybe they need to cut their hair? LMAO POrter Davis. I am so jealous. Their houses are gorgeous! Unfortunately they don't build in Sydney so I won't have one of their homes but I think they are amazing.

Kek said...

Gorgeous? Oh, yes they are! I walked through a million display homes and saw quite a few I'd have been happy to have. THEN I walked into PD's Bridgeport. And I KNEW that this was The One.

Can you fall in love with a house?

Kek said...

Oh - and the hair-cutting? Nuh-uh. You'd think I suggested they cut off a hand when I say it's time for a haircut.

What is this - the 70s again?

kathrynoh said...

Definite look alike :)

It must be exciting now the house is progressing so quickly.

Sara said...

Ooooo what an amazing house! GAH that is so exciting! :) You can certainly tell he's your son. ;) And he likes HIM (the band)! That's awesome!

Kek said...

LOL - Sara, I feel so OLD. My boy likes all kinds of horrible, HORRIBLE bands. And I'm like "Him? Him, who?" and he just rolls his eyes...

He loves The Disturbed. *shudders* And he has this huge collection of t-shirts. Every single one of them is black.

What happened to my sweet little cherub?

Michelle said...

The house is looking great. And, your son doesn't look a thing like you (NOT)

Debstar said...

Maybe it's that happy smile you share...

linda said...

It's the matching sunnies- that's the clincher!!

Kimmy said...

Wow the first thing I thought before I even read your post was wow don't you two look so much alike :) Your house looks awesome - you must be so excited. Congratulations.

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