Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A well-earned break

As I may have mentioned in passing, Bike Boy and I are off this coming weekend for some fun and frivolity in lovely, lovely Tasmania. We have a long-standing love affair with Tassie, having spent a fun weekend there looooong ago in our early 20s, and we enjoyed it so much, we went back there for our honeymoon. Back in prehistoric times, y'know.

We returned about 5 years ago for a relaxing week sans children, and once again had a memorable holiday. If you've never been out on a boat and eaten crayfish that were crawling around on the ocean floor only half an hour before, you haven't lived. (Let's just gloss over the bit where I was horribly, horribly seasick.... OK, so it was actually a combination of the hangover from hell AND the motion of the ocean... moving on....)

So a couple of months ago, we were out to dinner with some friends and I think that just maybe rather a lot of wine had been drunk and someone had the brilliant idea that the four of us should go to Tassie for a weekend. Amazingly, it all came together - airfares, accommodation and a hire car are all booked and we're off on Friday arvo.



Kathryn said...

Enjoy your holiday. There's always a mountain or two to run up if you overindulge :D

Cherub said...

Enjoy your break and thanks for your email.


Unknown said...

Yaaaaaaaay, sounds fantastic! Enjoy, and don't miss us too much :-P

Debstar said...

Lucky you! I went there on a camping trip when I was 18. That was when I learnt that apple cider is not good for you at all. I will also gloss over the horrendous hang-over.
Have a great break.

Unknown said...

Have a great time

Sara said...


Have a fab break. Yes, deserved. very deserved.

Unknown said...

Tassie is beautiful. I took my mum there and we had a lovely time. Enjoy the break and remember to come back!

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