Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What WAS that?

I got really, really excited during this morning's training. Only someone who's been working hard to retrain certain parts of their body to DAMN WELL WORK THE WAY THEY WERE DESIGNED TO will understand my excitement.

So I was doing what may just be the hardest Spinervals workout in existence (probably not, but hey, allow me my delusions) - Ultra Conditioning Leg Strength Builder. Seriously, I want to puke every time I just think about it. Anyway, back to my point....

The first 'real' set (cos warmup sets don't count) consists of nasty, NASTY 2 minute intervals at leg-breaking resistance, supersetted with 1-minute squats. That's one squat that takes one minute. So 30 seconds to go down to below parallel, then 30 seconds to come back up again. Try it, you'll love it. Nah, I'm messing with you - they're gruelling.

The exciting part? As I started the upward phase of the first squat, I thought "Hmm, that feels odd...something's different. What is that?" Then I realised - the unfamiliar sensation was my glutes kicking in and actually doing some of the work.....without me consciously thinking about it! My lazy arse is lazy no longer!

More proof that I'm on the right track with training. :o)


I love how the Spinervals series includes so many fun titles, like:

Sweating Buckets
Have Mercy
(and Have Mercy, the sequel)
Mental Toughness
No Slackers Allowed

Makes you want to rush out and buy them all, doesn't it? Or is that just my insanity?


Kathryn said...

Wow, I need something like that cos I have a lazy butt too.

Unknown said...

I HATE the sound of those squats- but I'm def going to try them!

Kek said...

Linda, the hardest part is going slow enough - it takes a bit of practice to get them right. I give them to clients to do sometimes.... makes grown men cry.


Debstar said...

Have you noticed men don't like to do leg work much? One of our male trainers sat in on a hips, thighs bottoms class not long ago. The next day he wanted to know if I hurt as much as he did. I think he was amazed he could hurt so much when he didn't use weights.

......you mean glutes actually work,who would have guessed?

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