Saturday, May 17, 2008

Attention fish lovers!

I have two fabulous new fishy recipes over on my food blog.

You can take your pick from my Linguine Marinara, or Jill Duplaix's Salmon and Potato Salad. Both are yummy!

Seriously, you could serve this up to posh dinner guests and they'd be blown away. Unless they don't like fish.... in which case you'd have a big problem.


Chris H said...

I have a love/hate relationship with fish... we were fed way too much of it as kids and now I am only partial to it occasionally... the marinara looks darn nice though so might give it a try.

Kek said...

Chris, I never liked fish as a kid either - we always seemed to get fed Flathead. Ugh. It was about the only thing my Dad could catch.

Now I love fish, but I never, never, NEVER buy Flathead. *shudder*

Pick a mix that has the things you like in it. Mine had white fish fillets, calamari, pipis, scallops, and weeny prawns.

Debstar said...

Flathead is my favorite!!! I have a love/love relationship with fish. This recipe looks sooo good, you could substitute chicken for the fish for those picky dinner guests. Or prawns, I love prawns even more than fish.

Em said...

Very yummy meals there hun must give them go :)

I love you post below, I hate it when I get asked am I on a diet as they stair me up and down grrr

Have a great weekend hun:)

Shauna said...

they look GOOOOOOOOOOD :)

fish have such boring names in the UK... i miss flathead, mullet, et al :)

Sara said...

I acknowledge your tag. ;) Now I have to make a really yummy dish to shock my blog readers with! Maybe I'll just photograph a glass of cab sav and a hunk of feta cheese. It's a fine late night snack!

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