Tuesday, May 06, 2008


As Texas Sara pointed out in my last post, WHAT was I grizzling about yesterday? I HIT MY WEIGHT GOAL. Yeah.... *basks in the glory for a minute* My aim was low-57s by Monday, and when I stepped on the scales, there was 57.3 blinking up at me. This morning, that's 57 on the nose. So yippee, yay and all that.

I celebrated this momentous occasion last night by eating dinner in my pjs - barbecued steak, spiced sweet potato and veggies - then going to bed with a hot water bottle clasped to my belly. I slept like a log - didn't even hear Bike Boy get up at 4:30 or whatever time it was - and feel a lot better this morning. I can feel the tummy grumblings just lying in wait though. I suspect by tonight I'll have a full-blown pain party going on again. Boo! IBS sucks.

Here's hoping it remains a grumble for now - I have to fit my training in between clients this morning, no time for being sick!

For the non-Metric players who are too lazy to do the conversion, 57 is a smidge over 125 pounds.


Anonymous said...

I really hope the IBS comes to nothing for you. It sucks big time. You may already be taking these but i thought i would mention them just incase, but peppermint oil capsules can really help to soothe and prevent it striking too badly.

Kek said...

Thanks Cat, I'll search out some and give them a try. I have some peppermint tea somewhere - might give that a go in the meantime.

I've had this since I was in primary school, so I'm well used to it. Good nutrition mostly keeps it in check, but sometimes it just likes to remind me it's there.


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