Friday, May 30, 2008


I've found training quite hard this week - not that it's normally easy, but you know what I mean. This morning, after I struggled through my back and shoulder workout, I jumped on the elliptical and found that I could barely maintain a lousy 60rpm.

I was having one of those sooky conversations with myself - of the "this sucks" variety, and all I could think about was how tired my legs were *moan* and how hungry I was *whinge* and that I really, really hated that elliptical machine with a burning, passionate hatred. I amost wanted to take to that thing with a sledgehammer, but that would have taken too much effort and I just didn't have the energy.

Then I ran my mental checklist to try to figure out what was going on:

  • Food - yep, all OK, and definitely enough of it.
  • Water - no problems there, I'm easily getting through 4+ litres a day.
  • Rest and recovery - uh-huh.
  • Sleep. Um......

I'm getting up at 5:30, sometimes 5:15 to fit my training in. Let's see.....5:30 less 8 hours would mean I should be getting to bed by.... oh. 9:30. Really? *ahem*

So I figured my poor bod was telling me it wasn't too happy and I should just go home and eat my porridge.

And get to bed earlier.


Unknown said...

I need to go to bed earlier too! I wake up around the same time, but it is so hard to go to bed!! I WANT to sleep, mind you, I just have a hard time getting to bed.

Debstar said...

Easier said than done.

Clara said...

Timely post there. I'm running my mental list and comming up at a negative on the sleepage. Which isn't good. The anxiety on top of it is killing me. Yergh.

I need to get better at that mental checklist...

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