Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Melbourne MDC results were posted late this afternoon. I am not happy with my net time. 25:16. Harrumph! That's a tortoise-worthy pace of about 6:31.

My publicly-stated goal was to finish sub-26. Which I achieved. But I really, REALLY wanted to do it in under 25.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I was sick (and I have still got the festering throat thing. Ugh). And there were those 3,597 other people I had to dodge around (So 1,390 of them were never in any danger of being overtaken by me, but still....).

I shall just have to train harder for my next run. Grrr!


My Phat Camp tops finally arrived yesterday! Yay!

Now I'm just waiting for my Stretchalicious pants.... in Size 1. Is that the most ridiculous size you ever heard of, or what?

They're the ones Jen's wearing in this pic:



Speaking of parcels, today I got an Amazon order. It's Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture. If you didn't go view the video of this amazing guy when I posted the link last time, you really should.


Yesterday morning was definitely chilly. According to the BOM, it was 4C. We got the same again today - Bike Boy even had the first icy windscreen of the season. Brrr! From now until about October, I shall be going to the gym in multiple layers and doing a striptease as I progress through my workout.

Once again, it was a magnificent afternoon though - blue sky, sunshine, autumn leaves and a lovely 22C.

But the early mornings have knobs on. Tomorrow I get to sleep in till 7:00, have a leisurely breakfast and THEN head to the gym at a civilised time. Mmm, I love not having to rush!


In case anyone thinks I'm being a bit sooky-la-la about my run time, I was beaten by a couple of 70+ year-olds. By a large margin.


Shauna said...

stoopid pensioners :P

those pants are hella cool. what IS that woman doing? breakdancing!?

Debstar said...

I bet they were really 65 and upped the age to make themselves look good.

I'm never going to tell you how long it takes for me to run 5km, it's too embarrassing.

Kek said...

Shauna - yep, that's pretty much what she's doing.... she was actually demonstrating some of her fitness routine moves. Made me dizzy!

LOL Deb - I did consider pretending to be the OTHER Kerryn Woods who finished in 23:41. But I figured that the "18-39" age group might be a give away. :D

Kathryn said...

There are some speedy 70 year olds out there. Bet they wouldn't look half as good in those pants though!

Kristy said...

Hey Kek, you did a great time...My time was 26 something which was awful!

I was running with a 78 year old at my group training session last night and he was only using one arm as the other had stitches or something and he kept slowing down for me...Absolutely amazing and inspiring...He told me some great stories whilst I was struggling to breath lol

Pip said...

Kek, you came in the top half of participants! That is AWESOME!!!

I checked out mine last night! When I ran through the finish the clock said 39 mins, 12 secs and I was standing a little way back from the start whe the starting gun went off. So I expected to achieve around 39 mins or a tad under, but my online time has me at 39 mins, 21 secs. I'm not too miffed, had to see how many participants there were as well in the 7km race. Was pleased to come in the top half JUST, - 204/416!

Kerry Ware said...

Watch out for those size one pants! I got mine a week ago and , "Oh my god" they are tiny. Even Julie thinks that they are for a kid!

Kek said...

Now you're scaring me, Kerry!

I did try them on at camp, and my butt has shrunk a little more since then, so they BETTER fit.

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