Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hurry UP!!

I'm still waiting for the times to be posted for the MDC. Canberra, Sydney and Hobart were up yesterday, but still no sign of Melbourne.

This morning I remembered how to retrieve data from my HRM (technology is not my strong point...) and these are the stats:

Time - 24:39 .....which of course, is wrong. And if those folks doing the data entry stuff would only HURRY UP, I'd have the correct time by now.

Here's the fun part though:

Max HR - 219
Average HR - 175

Who said I wasn't working hard enough? *looks around* Uh....oh yeah - that would be me.


Here's an interesting fact: The last time I did the 4km MDC, which was in 2006, I clocked a completely appalling time of 29:12. It's not that I wasn't trying - as I told Coach Liz yesterday, it was little wonder, since I'd spent the previous 4+ months doing nothing but fast walking for my cardio. Actually, it was amazing I even managed to run the whole distance.

Yikes. I'm never letting things slide THAT much again.


Oh - and I swear the course is harder since they switched directions. It used to be a flat start for about 100m, then up a nasty big hill for maybe 500m(?) Then it flattened out and was mostly gentle downhill gradients till the final flat stretch to the finish line.

They moved the start/finish and made us go the other way. So OK - you get to run DOWN the big hill at somewhere near the 2km mark, but you actually spend a lot of the course on gentle uphill gradients. I'd rather power up a steep incline near the start with fresh legs and get it over with, than face the physical grind and mental challenge of constant piddly uphill stretches.


SeLiNa said...

LOL! You? Impatient? NEVER!

Kathryn said...

Surely you must have your results by now!

I'm with you on the Tan thing, get the hill out of the way in one hit. You get a sense of achievement after you're done it and I find it much ard running down hills (always scared I'm going to come a cropper!)

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