Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm not on a diet

I have to credit Claire with the inspiration for this post. How often does some ignoramus spot your tasty yet healthy meal, or hear you refusing alcohol or dessert and ask: "why are YOU on a diet?"

My other favourite *rolls eyes* is when I have one of my not-so-infrequent treats, like a glass of wine or a delicious piece of chocolate and I get told "You can't eat that! What about your diet?" What diet? And can't? Just watch me!

So, in honour of those of us who are NOT ON A DIET, I'm starting a meme. It's a simple one.


1. Post a photo of one of your favourite healthy meals.
2. Title the post I'm Not on a Diet
3. Link back to this post.
4. Tag 5 other people. :o)

Who knows, the idea of eating (mostly) healthy meals voluntarily because a) you like to feed your body good food, and b) they taste way better than processed crap, might even catch on.


Here's mine:

Linguine Marinara. And a spinach and rocket salad with olive oil/balsamic dressing way in the background there. Yum!

I tag:

Linda and

P.S. I'll be posting the recipe on my food blog soon.....


Debstar said...

You should have made one extra rule. Add the recipe. I'm seeing all these really yummy dishes and there is no recipes.

I made the sticky date muffins by the way. Thanks for that....another inch on the hips. lol

Kek said...

Well, MY recipe is posted. :o) Start badgering everyone else to share theirs.

Kek said...

As for the muffins, I could have given you the REAL recipe, with muesli, sugar, golden syrup and a lot more oil....and no protein.

Unknown said...

I will post a recipe and pic on my blog just as soon as I cook something healthy!! I was sooooo tempted to post a pic of boxes of smarties and mars bars!

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