Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm STILL not on a bloody diet!!

Michelle's post yesterday about people's funny attitudes to healthy eating was prophetic.

This afternoon I was in one of the kitchens at the office, draining the water out of a can of tuna for my afternoon snack, when someone I barely know came in and said Oh, so you're still on your diet then? I have never discussed dieting or weight loss or anything related with this person - we just happen to work on the same floor and have often been in the kitchen at the same time, preparing our lunch. Mine usually consists of something home-made, and involves at least some veggies. His is usually out of a can or a packet.

I showed remarkable restraint by not punching him in the face, and replied with a smile that I don't DO diets, I just prefer to eat healthy food most of the time.

He looked a bit bemused by the idea. Whatever.


Just for the record, this is what I ate today:

1. A huge bowl of porridge with vanilla whey and skim milk. And coffee.
2. Yoghurt, strawberries, Protein Crunch and a handful of Crunchola cereal. And coffee.
3. A big chunk of chicken breast, rice, broccoli, carrots and spinach (boring, but I wasn't feeling inspired this morning). Green tea.
4. Baklava and coffee
5. Corn thins, tuna and tomato
6. Chicken Balti (One of Patak's pre-made sauces - those are brilliant when time is short) with tomato, onion and spinach and some papadums.

Not one of my best gourmet days, but definitely plenty of food. And satisfying.

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Raechelle said...

Total LOL...I am proud of you for not punching him, though he totally deserved it-dumb ass!
He's gonna really be asking questions in your final weeks of comp prep-bet you can't wait!

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