Saturday, May 10, 2008


Being a control freak and chronic list-maker, I've been busy getting ready for tomorrow morning's run.

I have my runners by the door (no hunting through the pile of shoes in the wardrobe at 6:00am) and my timing tag already threaded through the shoelaces. I've organised the clothes I want to wear and I've already pinned my race number to the front of my top. Before I go to bed (early) tonight, I'll place car key, phone and a small amount of cash with my shoes so I can't possibly forget anything.

Sooooo, organisation is just about taken care of. I still have to find my arm wallet to stick my phone, car key and cash in though, otherwise I'll have to brave the queues at the cloak room tent to drop off and pick up my stuff. Hmm, where did I put that again?

Now if I could only do something about my back pain and the sore throat I woke up with this morning, I'd be feeling super-confident.


Unknown said...

You put me to shame Kerryn. I've done nothing organisational - yet! One thing I will do though- is set several alarms to go off. Don't want a re-run of the run for kids! Good luck tomorrow- I'll look for the back of you

MTB Girl said...

I hope your throat and back feel better by the morning - I'm still trying to work out what to do with my stuff.

SeLiNa said...

LOL! you sound like me, I have my rituals every nite and morning before an early race, and they MUST be adhered to or everything goes to crap ;P
So howd you go!?!? How much money did you raise?? Keen for a half marathon now ;P
I hope your throat is OK and you back was able to let you run pain-free :)

Pip said...

Hey KEK!

I made a bold statement a few months ago of running in the Mothers Day Classic here in Perth when all focussed and was excited about planning a new PB etc a couple of months ago. Lately I kinda forgot about that for all other various reasons and a few excuses.

Anyway for the first time in a while I checked the BFL forum last night, - saw you encouraging me for this race, (and I was REALLY looking forward to a sleep in today, - it's been weeks!)

But from that post I decided THAT'S IT! I'm DOING IT!, not another empty promise so hurled my sorry arse outta bed at 6am, (actually was in bed 8 hours last night for first time in months and that was a sleep in!) Then got a taxi to the venue, did on the day registration and was pleasantly surprised to run the 7km route in 39 minutes! I sort of thought I wouldn't run it in under 45 mins but when I clocked the first lap in 18 mins 55 I decided I've GOTTA complete the 2 laps UNDER 40 mins, no matter how much it kills me!

Now I've got a race (half marathon) on the Gold Coast in 8 weeks today. If I keep up this pace I'll just scrape in under 2 hours, (the goal) but 3 times the distance! I was buggered after today! Thanks for inspiring me anyway and making me forget about work for a day!

Hope your race went well and look forward to hearing about it!


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