Saturday, May 31, 2008

Result: A+

Huh. I completely forgot. Yesterday I saw my doctor for my test results.

The CT scan shows "no significant change" to my liver lesions, which is good news. Other than "It's a miracle, they've all disappeared" (not likely), that's the best news I could get. There's nothing new anywhere else either, so yay for that.

Blood tests were all good too. Even my iron and haemoglobin were good - considering what I've been through over the past 2 years with the hysterectomy, not to mention umpteen procedures to treat my nosebleeds, I should hope so!

I had a chat to her about my low blood pressure and the dizzy spells I was having and she agreed that they were most likely the result of dehydration and/or loss of salts through sweating. Plus the amount of water I drink daily is probably diluting my sodium levels anyway. The last few weeks I've been liberally sprinkling salt on my food, not to mention going nuts with the fish sauce and soy sauce, and whaddya know? No dizziness, and my BP has come back up to my normal 105/65 -ish. I've now got the medical all-clear to go as salty as I like - I can afford it. OK - hand me those potato chips! (I'm kidding.....) ;o)

The doc couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was there, and she kept saying that it was great to see me looking so WELL. You have to understand that I first saw this doctor when I weighed about 80kg and was struggling with asthma, low iron, constant exhaustion, I had some dodgy but unexplained liver function issues and just generally felt like crap. She sees a lot of patients with multiple chronic problems and most of them unfortunately don't do a damn thing to help themselves.

I will never, EVER take good health for granted again, as long as I live.


Debstar said...

It's a gold star on the forehead for you.
I know what you mean though. I will NEVER take my health for granted again. Raising my arms above my head is a wonder to me. When I do it with weights I want to laugh hysterically....still.

Kathryn said...

I had the same thing and got told to eat more salt. I find it really hard though cos I don't like things that are salty. If I get really bad dizzy spells (ie with nausea etc) then I drink a gatorade and that seems to fix it.

Freaky how you're seen as the expection when you actually are pro-active about your health. You'd think it'd be the smart thing to do yet so few people seem to do it.

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