Friday, May 09, 2008


This has not been a fabulous week. Disastrous traffic jams eating into my flex time, husband away on business for 2 days, annoying crap to take care of at The Middle Child's school, medical tests taking up more of my precious time, The Abdominal Pain That Would Not Quit, a broken wedding photo frame, house issues still not resolved, and a sleep-deprived and stressed husband. There was more, but I think it's so traumatic, my brain has blocked it out.....

BUT - in spite of all the dramas, annoyances and stress, I did not miss one training session, and I stuck to my good nutrition. I didn't even feel like eating chocolate.

There was one particular moment of triumph on Tuesday during the Great Traffic Drama, when the kids and I couldn't escape from housing estate hell. We were trapped with gridlocked streets at either end. So I took a deep breath, got out of the car and took the boys into a cafe. They got cookies and hot chocolate. I looked longingly at the bottles of wine lined up behind the bar, the chocolate macadamia cookies in the jar on the counter ....and ordered a long black.

Emotional eating? Pah! Take that!!


Em said...

That is fantastic hun :)
Who eveer can say no to a choc chip and macadamia cookie is super strong in my books :)

Wishsing and your family a stress free enjoyable weekend :)

Flea said...

Your week sounds like mine!
Happy Mother's day Kek!!

Debstar said...

I think I might have eaten your share of the chocolates.
Bad Debstar
Good Kek

Kek said...

Ya know Deb, pride before a fall and all that.... I had chocolate tonight. Only a little, but still....

Then there was the wine. Oops.

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