Monday, May 05, 2008

Some days you should just stay in bed

Today is a grumpy day. I slept badly, got stuck in godawful traffic for TWO HOURS, then had to leave work early to go make a school camp payment because the school makes up stupid rules about when you can pay, there are limited places and my boy is on a SCHOOL-ORGANISED EXCURSION at that time!! We wouldn't want him to miss an important educational trip to Wet n Wild, Movie World and Dreamworld, now, would we?

Plus I have horrible, horrible grumbly tummy pain. *pouts* And Bike Boy is going to be late home AND he has to go interstate for a few days, leaving at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning.

On the plus side, I had an awesome training session this morning, I hit my weight goal today, and I'm home and in my pjs at 5:00pm.

Hmmph. I suppose the day wasn't a total waste after all.


ss2306 said...

If only we weren't mothers, wives, housekeepers, training, eating, moving houses,etc, etc then a day in bed would be bloody fantastic! In fact I did spend half the day in bed but then willed myself up to eat oats and protein powder, showered then headed off to the gym for training in the hope that I would start feeling better. The day did improve but only slightly. Hope you have a better one tomorrow.

Luv Shelley

Sara said...

You hit your weight goal? WHOOt! Cheers to you! Chin up lady... STUPID MONDAYS. I'm feeling it now...

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