Monday, May 12, 2008

That explains a lot

Seems I was actually sick on Saturday. You'd think the sore throat, upset tummy (I'll spare you the details of that particular symptom), woolly head and just being really, really cold and lethargic all afternoon/evening would have been a clue. Nup. Apart from the throat, I put everything else down to other causes. Low blood sugar, IBS flaring up again, some not-so-great food choices the previous night.... I might be a bit thick, but I get sick so infrequently that I think it just didn't occur to me that a virus was to blame.

Then last night Bike Boy came down with all the same symptoms. Oh.

So I suppose that means that actually showing up for the run yesterday was a pretty good effort. Maybe I shouldn't be so disappointed in my time after all.

Speaking of which, I wish they'd hurry up and post the results!


Raechelle said...

You're one tough chick!

Kek said...

Tough? Or just stubborn? LOL.

Debstar said...

Let me guess. You do the run even though you're sick. Bike Boy spends 2 days in bed and must be fussed over.

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