Wednesday, May 14, 2008


No, I do not have my time yet. Slackers! How is it that Canberra, Sydney and Hobart results were up on Monday, Adelaide and some others got added yesterday and there is STILL no sign of Melbourne?

I shall be surreptitiously checking the internet at the office today to see if they've updated. About every 5 minutes.


Looks like I've dobbed myself in for a 5km run on June 22nd. Uh....I hate running. So does this mean I've gone nuts?


Selina said...

No you've just 'seen the light'.
So what's this one for?

Marshmallow said...

Seriously??? *I'm* doing a 5km run on June 22nd!

*bounces excitedly*

Oh wait... that's not a good thing... is it? It involves... RUNNING. O_O

Debstar said...

Most definately, but then weren't you always?

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