Friday, May 02, 2008

Weights and weigh-ins

I matched last Friday's rack pull weight this morning. I loaded the bar, positioned my feet, grabbed the bar with a mixed grip, braced abs and.....Huh? Somehow that sucker seemed heavier than last week. My body said "I can't lift THAT". But my mind said "Just shut up and lift".

So I did. For 4 sets of 6 @ 60kg. :o)


After a couple of weeks of faffing around and having a bit too much of a good time with weekends away and so on, I've buckled right down on the nutrition front this week and the scale number is dropping at an *almost* alarming rate. Several pairs of pants are doing that bag-around-the-bum thing too. SO attractive.

I will NOT be allowing any wine to pass my lips this weekend, which should see me firmly in the low 57s on Monday. Right where I need to be.


I'm tracking nicely towards my various goals. The Mothers' Day Classic is next weekend, and I expect to run a reasonable time (for me). I'm a fraction behind on the fat loss front, but nothing fatal. And rehab-wise, things have improved a lot faster than I expected.

Now for that competition goal......


Sara said...

Yes, every moment counts now! You WILL be on that stage, wearing practically nothing and with a lot of people watching. If THAT's not motivating then you are not conscious.


Kek said...

Are you trying to MOTIVATE me or TERRIFY me?


Andrea said...

Good to see you got back on track and positive results that happen quickly make it all the better!

Magda said...

Hey Kek you always look great in your pics (well maybe not so hot in your before photo). How tall are you? Just trying to get a feel for your height/weight etc coz low 57s sounds VERY lean to me. When I hit 57 in my comp prep my hubbie HATED how I looked - TOO SKINNY he said. "Yes but look at my muscles" I felt like shouting but I knew he hated those too. Cest la vie.



Louise Wedgwood said...

I love the "Just shut up and LIFT" approach to a weight that your body thinks it can't budge!

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