Thursday, June 05, 2008

And I thought I had a chocolate problem!

Heard about this on the radio today: British man eats nothing but Mars Bars for 17 years.

I make no comment, other than to present the nutritional info for a standard Aussie 60g Mars Bar:

Calories: 275
Fat: 10.4g
Carbs 42.3g
(sugar) 36.7g
Protein 2.0g

Hmm, 12 a day.......? *counts on fingers*


Unknown said...

mmmmmm....sounds like my kinda man!! When I was pregnant with my daughter (umm 28 years ago!) in the last few months I had a mars bar a day ( maybe a 5 day week). I wasn't putting on anymore weight so I thought- why not! Ugh...don't know how I did it! Maybe it worked by overdosing her cos she's definitely not a sweet tooth.

Cherub said...

Doesn't surprise me. I can't say for sure but I think if we had stayed in England our nutrition wouldn't be all that much better.

I definitley think that it is a much healthier experience living here in Australia.

Jon was back there a few weeks ago and he was shocked at how they live.

Debstar said...

Well it sure beats cooking!
I wonder what his teeth are like.

Kek said...

Deb, that was my youngest son's first reaction: Boy, he must have BAD teeth!

Louise Wedgwood said...

Oh but he takes vitamins! So that's alright then. :)

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