Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can you break your butt?

Because yesterday - ouch! I woke up with something not-right going on deep under my right glute. Whatever it was, it was painful, requiring drugs, some tennis ball therapy and some heat. I suspect it was a tight muscle (probably my piriformus) pressing on my sciatic nerve.... whatever, it's gone now. NOW, I just have normal soreness, as you'd expect after the past few days' training.


Saturday was busy, but went extraordinarily well, food-wise. I stayed well away from the Kryptonite and today I feel lean, energised and all fired up. Which is always better than tired, puffy and blah! My super-powers are intact - yeah!


This last week my weight has dropped just a little, but suddenly my pants are a lot baggier, my fingers feel thin, and I can see the outline of my abs (yay!). It's amazing what ditching a bit of fluid can do. And Bike Boy tells me my butt is lifting.... woohoo! Now that's something to celebrate!

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