Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday sucked, all day till around 4:00pm. I woke up feeling like absolute shite - just exhausted and cranky, and I could NOT figure out why. I'd slept OK and had nothing to be stressed out or annoyed about. I was also FREEZING (*ding!* Little hint there....). It was a pretty cold day yesterday, but as usual I had the heating cranked up to "Tropical", so that wasn't it.

I had an outdoor training session to do, and that sucked too. I had no energy at all, could barely lift my feet off the ground. I must have looked ridiculous with my pathetic attempts at sprinting...and jump squats - ha! I probably got a whole 10cm off the ground with my leaden legs. I layered up for the cold: a tank top, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a light hoodie. I was halfway through my workout before I stripped off the hoodie, that's how cold I was.

I came home and was all pouty about my crap workout - but as Bike Boy pointed out, sometimes you have bad training sessions. The thing about that is, it lets you recognise a good one when it happens... :o)

After blogging about the low blood sugar thing, I figured I really should have some extra food, but I didn't want to blow my calorie limit. Weight has not been dropping this week at all - on Thursday, I was still sitting on 56.0kg, precisely where I was on Monday. So I weighed up reaching my weight loss goal vs feeling human again, and decided I'd have a protein bar. A yummy choc-cherry protein bar. Which did precisely nothing.

So THEN I was cruising past the lollie aisle at Coles when I went to pick up the Middle Child from work, and I somehow tripped and fell into a bag of M & Ms. Oops. Funny thing though - a short time later, I felt warm for the first time in a couple of days. Plus the crankiness had even subsided and I felt normal again. I had a short nap on the couch, and woke up feeling great.

Hmm. This proved my theory about the carb depletion/blood sugar thing. I shot off an email to Coach Liz, and the revised plan is to add some extra post-workout carbs, plus cycle my calories a little and see if that helps.

I may not make my weight goal tomorrow, but at least I won't have killed anyone.


Unknown said...

Kerryn- do you think you could be overtraining?

Kathryn said...

I used to feel cold all the time, not so much any more (prolly cos I've put on weight). It's a horrible feeling.

ms_attitude said...

At least you listen to your body and know that you should add a little more fuel to stoke the fire... you'll probably find that you'll start losing again!

Sara said...

The lovely Steve eats most of his carbs around 5pm. I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but mid to late afternoon is when I get really hungry. If I eat something more carby at that time then I can have a lighter dinner easily.

I'd better throw in another bottle of L-Glut for you. It's mucho useful for the sugar cravings.


Kek said...

Mid to late arvo, that's the danger time alright! Except this time was ALL day...

The L-glut will be most welcome, Sara, you are my saviour! (and you just reminded me to go take some)


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