Friday, June 06, 2008

MORE food, glorious food!

Today's foodie highlights:

  • Morning snack - I met my mother at a cafe and had Greek yoghurt with warm muesli, honey and fresh strawberries. And a long black, of course.
  • Coles had the entire range of Lindt 100g blocks on special: 2 for $4. The only hard part was deciding which ones to get. I settled on the 85% cocoa and the Orange Intense. Mmm.
  • Lunch was grilled chicken with a Sumo Salad chickpea and pumpkin salad.
  • I also grabbed one of the Aussie Bodies choc-cherry bars. They're a little Cherry Ripe-ish. Yum.
  • I discovered that browsing delis, fruit shops, bakeries etc is almost as much fun as eating the goodies. Almost. I looked, poked, sniffed and all but drooled over all kinds of exotic stuff.

AND.....I just bought me one of these:

I foresee many, many protein waffles being produced in my kitchen in the next few weeks....


Charlotte Orr said...


Debstar said...

I bought 1 milk chocolate bar for Teeny Tiny and 1 chilli chocolate for myself.

When I was in Germany I especially went looking for chilli chocolate because I couldn't find it here so I ended up buying 6 blocks. Now it's in Coles of all places and is cheaper than in Germany.

ss2306 said...

Mmmm waffles - one of my fondest memories post-comp was breakfast at the Stamford consisting of waffles, ice-cream, honey & macadamia nuts AND there was more than one serve involved!

Kek said...

Deb, I love the chilli chocolate too, but it's SO hard to decide between ALL my favourites. :p

Shelley, you're making me drool on my keyboard. Mmmm....

Andrea said...

It must be the week for making appliance purchases - I just blogged about my new omlette maker which is going to become my best friend!

I know I couldn't believe how great the work cafe was - I was in heaven - but perhaps being a hospital they have to offer more healthy options than not.


SeLiNa said...

MMMmm food food alright!!
I saw one of those last weekend when I got my omelette maker, it was a hard decision, but I figure I can make my pancakes in the omelette maker!! ;)
HOwever, I waffles dooo look more appealing. Might buy it for OH as a 'present' ;)

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