Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun-suckers not welcome!

Things are on the improve. Today I woke up with what felt like moderate DOMS in my shoulders and upper back. I'm thinking that would be from the osteopathic treatment on Thursday night. I felt otherwise OK, so I figured it was safe to go to the gym and do my overdue back and shoulder workout.

That went alright. My delts were on fire by the end of the session, and were nicely pumped up. I lerve lateral raises, only for the fact that I can see all the striations in the muscles as I lift those weights, Baby! :o)

Plus the plasterers turned up at our house yesterday.... the stormwater drains were laid Thursday, the walls that were built to the wrong measurements *rolls eyes* have been fixed and as of this afternoon, all internal walls are plastered. It's starting to look like a house at last.

I swear, the master suite is bigger than my first flat (no, we didn't have poncy apartments in those days, they were FLATS). Actually it could BE a flat if we turned one of the walk-in-robes into a kitchenette..... Seriously. Mmm, that satisfies my Kath & Kim-esque need to be effluent....

I'll try to grab a minute to take some photos tomorrow.

Fun-sucking is officially OVER. Moving right along now....

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