Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good nutrition isn't rocket science

I don't often blog along the lines of What I Ate Today, because....*yawn* But Liz recently posted about the sort of food she and her clients typically eat when preparing for a figure competition, and that got me thinking about all the comments I hear and read about how difficult it is to be creative, or how boring and restrictive food is when you're following a fat-loss plan.

Listen up people - IT'S NOT THAT HARD. Yes, I've had a few years to fine-tune the way I eat, but I have no special education, no access to resources different than anybody else. All you need is to be interested enough in the topic of good nutrition to do a little research and maybe experiment with some new foods.

So, in the hope that this might be the least bit helpful to somebody who isn't sure what they're "allowed" to eat, here's my what I ate today (and yesterday) food log:

1) Oats, vanilla whey, banana, skim milk, honey, black coffee
2) Slim Secrets bar, green tea
3) Chicken, spiced baked pumpkin, rainbow salad, rocket and mixed crunchy sprouts with a little sweet chilli sauce, green tea
4) Yoghurt, Protein Crunch, mixed berries, Crunchola
5) Balsamic chicken with caramelised onions, smashed potato (with extra olive oil), broccolini and carrots, peppermint tea

Cals 1500
Protein 40%, carbs 39%, fat 20%
(yes, calorie King lost 1% somewhere there…)

1) Oats, vanilla whey, mixed berries, yoghurt, sweetener, black coffee x 2
2) Banana-buckwheat pancakes with peanut butter and syrup, green tea
3) Lemon-garlic lamb steak, baked sweet potato, broccolini, carrots, green tea
4) Yoghurt, Protein Crunch, mixed berries, Crunchola, peppermint tea
5) Roasted Portuguese chicken with peri-peri sauce, baked sweet potato, broccoli, carrots

Cals – 1475
Protein 40%, carbs 41%, fat 19%

Boring? Nuh-uh. Time-consuming to prepare? Nope. I take lots of shortcuts: cook double quantities of most things, batch-cook my chicken breasts 6 at a time, buy some pre-packed salads and individual frozen veg from the supermarket, just to name a few. And most importantly, if I'm going to be out all day, I pack all the meals I'll require the night before. That takes me 5-10 minutes, tops. And it leaves no room for error.... or temptation as I walk past that bakery at lunchtime.

Check out my food blog for more ideas.


Kathryn said...

It's the walking to the kitchen bit that foils me (I can't wait to move)!

Good condiments make it so much easier too.

neca said...

This reminded me of a show I caught part of the other day: the woman was trying to lose weight. The nutritionist had her eat brown rice, grilled chicken breast, and broccoli for dinner. I thought to myself, "For the same amount of time, she could've turned that into stir fry or curry!"

You are so right - maybe part of it is the whole idea that losing weight should feel like some sort of punsihment....

Charlotte Orr said...

sounds yum!

ss2306 said...

Can you please stop mentioning peanut butter - you've had me drooling for a couple of days now! And yes, I do eat it (daily)but I want more than the allowance. I think everything I ate in LV contained peanut butter so I'm cutting back now I'm back on the wagon.

Have a great day.
Luv Shelley

Charlotte Orr said...

Wagon driver, LOL, you crack me up. Great attitude!

Ronnie said...

Very good and sound advice Kek (and Liz). I am a calorie counter from way back...well a couple of years and am finally back on the wagon....but how many people make excuses that it is all too hard. My sister has begun the Success program thinking drinking shakes all day will be so much easier than cooking good food. She caved on the first day and ate a sandwich for lunch.

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