Thursday, June 19, 2008

A grain of salt required

I've pulled up OK today - legs are only a little sore... just "the usual", really. I'll wait and see if Attack of the Killer DOMS strikes a bit later on before I get too cocky though.

I actually loved my workout yesterday - even while I was doing it and thinking that I was hating every second. I just like to grumble for a bit of comedic effect. Coach knows that (at least I hope she does....). Who wants to read blog entries that go, my workout today was a piece of cake - ran 300km before brekky, then outswam a couple of sharks at lunchtime before abseiling down a 700m sheer cliff.... Pfft, tomorrow I'm doing something CHALLENGING...?

The thing that I love is that I CAN do this stuff. I can easily remember a time when I wouldn't have even managed the first set of suicide runs. Walking up a flight of stairs would have had me puffing and gasping. And I know many people my age or younger who have joint problems and other issues that mean they can never do plyo squats (lucky buggers! Nah, I'm kidding) or even a decent run.

So, whilst I'm pissing and moaning about cardio routines that come with instructions to do it till you die, I'm actually very, very grateful for my health, strength and fitness - even if it's not quite up there with Olympic contenders.

My efforts are actually not too shabby for an old chook.



SeLiNa said...

Hey, that's MY la la la workout I just did this morning that you were talking bout... ;P
Nah, I'm with you on that, hence my mountain running this Sunday. There's so many ppl that say "you're nuts" but deep down I know they really really want to do it too ;) LoL

ms_attitude said...

LOL, do it 'til you die?? hehe, that Liz is evil ;-)

Good on you for setting this new incredible goal - I shall watch with interest! You are one gutsy gal.

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