Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guessing game

Can anyone guess whose abs those are in my competition countdown widget over there on my sidebar?

No, there is no prize for getting it right - just the warm glow of superiority you'll experience.

Hint: they're not mine.


Andrea said...

LOL - Surely that is Liz at her absolute best! Pity there is no prize!

Hilds said...

No idea! but wouldn't mind some (he he).

Have a great day!

LizN said...

Yeah, Andj I was kinda hoping they were mine too :)

MTB Girl said...

Lindy Olsen - she always looks as good as Liz :)

.....no more single leg drills please Liz...ow ow ow.....just (half) kidding as they make me feel uncoordinated!

Anonymous said...

How about Monica Brant?

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