Friday, June 20, 2008

Holy glutes of fire, Batman!

I had a rest day yesterday. I was planning to go for a nice long walk first thing, but woke to the sound of pouring rain (yay for the for my walking plans), so I stayed all snuggled up in bed for an extra hour. Mmm.

I felt refreshed, renewed and energised for most of the day. Today, I paid for that day off. My training program dictated that I do a half-hour spin workout AND Cathe's Butts & Guts. Scary stuff....

I got up at 6:00 and did the spin portion, then had breakfast, got kids organised, did the school run and some errands, before heading back home for Train-till-your-legs-fall-off Part II. So, with legs not quite recovered from the Suicide Thrasher workout on Wednesday, plus an added dose of bike-induced spaghetti-legs, I faced up to Ms Freidrich and her torture. Did I think this was hard the last time I did it? Pfft. That was nothing!

My bum was BURNING way before I even got to those evil Firewalkers. And towards the end of the workout, I had to start taking breaks mid-set. And some of those floor exercises, the ones I can usually do (almost) easily? Ha! just call me Quitter!

Right now, I'm not sure my legs can manage to lift me out of my chair. I might just stay here for a little while....


Debstar said...

Ha ha! Good for you spaghetti legs lady. Going to the toilet is not gonna be fun. Have you noticed noone ever talks about how far down that toilet seat actually is? Maybe you should think about adding a "pull yourself up bar" to the toilet door in your new house.

Kek said...

Hmm, that HAS actually occurred to me before, Deb. I'm very grateful that we decided against a double-storey house. All those stairs - aargh!

ss2306 said...

Hope the legs and butt aren't too sore tomorrow. But, just think you'll have buns of steel on that stage in October "shaken that ass".

Keep squeezin'

Kek said...

Nooooo.... there will be NO ass-shaking. 47-year-old, used-to-be-the-size-of-a-small-planet butts got NO business doing any shaking.

It'd be more like wobbling like a plate of jelly anyway.

Ugh. Not pretty.

But I WILL keep squeezing. :o)
*clenches glutes nice and tight*

Unknown said...

I had a look at that video ( demo) I think I might get it. Looks great! I love doing lower body workouts- love that burrrrrnnnnn!

Kek said...

Linda, I love LBWs too - and this one is hard-core!

The good thing is, you can mix and match it, so you get several different workouts. It has bonus extras, floorwork and so on, and ouy can pick the chapters you want and do them, alone or in any combination.

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