Friday, June 13, 2008

Just keep swimming.....

This week has been a giant suck-fest. It started off OK with a long weekend, but deteriorated fast. Stress and lack of sleep were not putting me in a happy-happy joy-joy frame of mind. Getting up at 5:00am has knobs on. And then my neck, shoulder and arm decided to gang up together and cripple me.... so by Wednesday I was - hmm, how shall I put it? Sad, mopey, snappy, miserable, cranky. You get the picture.

Training suffered a little. Monday I was at the gym at stupid o'clock training chest and arms. I love that workout. Except for the bit this week where I was lying on a decline bench, doing ez-bar tri extensions and the upper left bit of my trapezius, right between shoulder and neck, decided right then that it needed to have a huge spasm. There I was, hanging head-down with a barbell in my hands, in agony and unable to move, thinking how on earth do I get out of THIS? I waited a few seconds for the pain to subside then, trying not to move my arms, I managed to sit up (thank goodness for all that core training!). I decided that completing one more set was probably a bad idea....

Tuesday was a spin workout, followed by some torture by BOSU. That went OK. At least my LEGS are fine. The arm was not great and I tried to rest it a bit. Tried....hmm.

Wednesday, things were on a downhill slide. Again I was up at a ridiculous hour, and got through my leg workout fine. Actually, I upped some of the weights, so I was feeling good. Until I stepped onto the treadmill of doom..... I was supposed to run for 20 minutes - not exactly a big ask. I got through about 8 minutes and crashed and burned. :o( I'm blaming the cumulative effect of not enough sleep. By Wednesday night I was fed up. I could barely use my right arm at all, I was exhausted, my temper was on a really short fuse and the thought of getting up at 5:00am to fit in my training made me want to puke.

So Thursday I stayed in bed an extra hour and skipped training. I did, however go to the park at lunchtime and do crazy things with my colleague again for half an hour. I also rang my osteopath and got an appointment late in the afternoon. When I took my shirt off and turned around, she took one look at my back, neck and shoulders and said "Oh. My. GOD!" Seems the reason why my traps felt like they had a big knot tied in them either side was.... um, because they had a big knot tied in them either side.

Soooo.... after my osteo worked some magic, and I rested my arm last night, AND didn't get up till after 7:00 this morning, life seems much, much better. I've rearranged training to give my shoulder/arm some more rest, so today was a Spinervals session.

On the plus side, I haven't strayed from my nutrition plan at all. Maybe that 112 days to go thing over there is having an effect.


Anonymous said...

Kitty says: Substitute the S in Suck for an F from right now, and let's face it - next week will be a much better Fest for you Kek, all things considered...



SeLiNa said...

Lol! I had to laugh from the first sentence. You poor bugger, one of THOSE weeks.
Hope the bods bettererer now :)
Enjoy your weekend, with whatever punishment you've got to enjoy!
hee hee

Debstar said...

You never cease to amaze me Kek. While the rest of us mere mortals would be curled up in a corner sobbing there you are refusing to give in and doing a leg workout.

Hope you have a good weekend.

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