Saturday, June 07, 2008

New and improved

I was inspired to update my blog header today - only because I'd been thinking about a title change for ages, but had been too slack to do anything about it. I think my new title better reflects what I'm all about these days.

As usual, Blogger proved to be extremely difficult and it's taken me approximately 7,000 tries to get it almost right. I sized the new banner exactly the same as the old one and uploaded, but did it fit? Pfft. Of course not. Was it centred? Hahahaha! So I faffed around with the html code forever: header-wrapper, left padding, right padding...*scratches head* what the hell does that all MEAN? I have no idea, I just play with the numbers till it looks OK. Finally, I got the centre-ing thing pretty close, but - aargh! The banner was too small.

*sigh* Back to Photoshop I went and resized, losing image resolution in the process *sulks*. And it's still NQR.

I'm over it for today. Maybe I'll play with it some more tomorrow.


SeLiNa said...

Looks good to me! I don't even know how to start to customise a header!
Remember its only thanks to you I know how to hyperlink!! ;) One step at a time for this puter illiterate gal!!

Kek said...

Ah, but I am a perfectionist. It's not quite good enough....

Unknown said...

Looks good! Can't wait to see the final version.

LizN said...

Yes, I'm getting obsessed by creating widgets :)

Unknown said...

Looks extremely good to me Kerryn!!

libby said...

I think the new header looks great and certainly gives a better idea of what your blog is all about.


Debstar said...

The header is brilliant. Definately you.
I won't tell you how much time I wasted on my header that isn't quite right either. Let's just say that even though 'Debstar's Blog' is the most boring header ever I have no intention of changing it, it's just too difficult.

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