Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A night at the zoo

I had an interesting night last night. I got to spend almost 6 hours in a human zoo (a.k.a. a public hospital casualty ward), while Bike Boy was examined, asked the same questions by 17 different people, sent here, sent there, stuck with needles, attached to monitors and trundled off for x-rays.

How did we get there? He had some weird palpitations and other stuff going on in his chest, and was concerned enough to go see a doctor, who told him to get his arse to casualty. The doc can't have been too worried - after all, he didn't go Oh my God! and call an ambulance. We were resigned to a long wait before even seeing anyone, but it seems that casualty staff don't muck around with those kind of symptoms. I'd barely settled us in the furthest corner from all the coughing, bleeding, vomiting and generally disgusting inhabitants of the waiting room, before we were called in to see an actual doctor.

At almost midnight, they decided that he'd be admitted overnight so they could keep him hooked up to monitors and stick more needles in him, so I took off home for a few hours sleep. The upshot is, he's fine(ish), they couldn't really find anything wrong with him. So he was allowed home just before lunchtime today, to wait on a letter advising appointments for some follow up tests.

So, what does one do for all those hours of waiting around while the patient undergoes every test they can think of? Well, I was equipped with my laptop, so I answered client emails offline, did a couple of program updates, and caught up on some reading. I also ate a quick meal before leaving home, and had the forethought to pack a just in case protein bar. And of course I had my trusty water bottle with me, so vending machine "food" and drinks weren't even tempting.

Then this morning when I headed back for a bit more waiting, I was armed with my little cooler bag, packed with two decent snacks and two bottles of water for me, and some food for Bike Boy, in case they hadn't remembered to feed him (they had). I stopped on the way to grab the newspaper and a couple of magazines, and I was all sorted.

Organised? You betcha. No excuses, I've got a big goal and I'm going for it.


Debstar said...

How scary. I hope Bike Boy is OK. Those vending machines have horrid food so I'm not surprised you had your own supplies.

Unknown said...

Glad bike boy is ok- that must have been pretty scarey for both of you

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