Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not up to scratch

I mentioned in my post yesterday how I've often in the past bought myself a food treat, something "special", and it hasn't lived up to my expectations. Perhaps that's partly because I build it up in my head to be something fantastic, and after all, it's just food....

Mostly though, it's because I'm a bloody good dessert cook, and most of the stuff you get in cafes is mass-produced and just nowhere near as good as my home-made versions. I've learned, after many disappointments, never to order the lemon tart on any restaurant menu, no matter how grand the place is. The fact is, MY lemon tart is a little piece of heaven on a spoon, and every time I've had a slice somewhere else, I've expected it to be as good as mine, and it just never is.

Same goes for chocolate mousse, creme caramel, chocolate cake, tea cake, scones, cheesecake and many more. It's no pleasure to eat something mediocre, when you've already had the creme de la creme.

So why don't I just make my own treat meals? Uh....that's because it's impossible to make one serve. And if you think I'm having an entire lemon tart sitting in my kitchen taunting me, you belong on the crazy train. I only make those things for special occasions, when I know there'll be plenty of people to eat it and there won't be any leftovers. There are NEVER any leftovers.

Bike Boy used to complain that I never make scones on a Sunday any more - then I pointed out to him that he can have the scones and a fat wife, or do without the scones and keep the new, improved, streamlined version. He's stopped complaining.

This is part of the reason why I have a hard time with treat meals - I have to try to find something that's really good, that I absolutely love, and that won't disappoint. So I stick to things I can't make - like top-quality chocolate, or fancy single ice creams.

I'm still trying to make up my mind about today's treat.... Maybe I should set up a poll and have people vote?



ss2306 said...

May I suggest Ghirardelli chocolate made from San Francisco and founded in 1852! They come in individual squares at around 60 cals each (you can check with Liz on this one as she has the nutritional info on the back of a bag I brought home from Vegas for her). I luurvve the caramel filled square! When in Vegas I went to the Ghirardelli shop for the free samples and tried the peanut butter square. It was delectably delicious!

Shit, now I'm hungry again!

Kek said...

OH. MY. GOD. I just looked up their website.... *drooooooool*

Right! I've just decided (no, not on my treat this weekend) - post-comp, I'm heading straight for Koko Black! Perhaps I'll have lunch there the next day.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with chocolate for lunch....

Michelle said...

I totally agree. I haven't even thought about my lemon cheesecake in years until the other day. Luckily it's actually my Mum's recipe so the day of my comp it's the only thing I'll be asking her to do. Make me a cheesecake. Hopefully all my loved ones will share in it, but otherwise 1 cheesecake= 1 days calories, I just get a slice per meal.

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