Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oh, and....

....I'm still having my quinoa porridge with banana, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup for brekky tomorrow!

I'll just have to tweak the recipe a bit.


Anonymous said...

I want a full report on this one, it sounds totally delicous Kek. :o)

Kek said...

Will do, Lia....with photos (as long as it doesn't just turn out looking like gloop).

Louise Wedgwood said...

It does sound good. I love various types of porridge, and I'm keen to try quinoa but the only kind I can find comes in a small box with a big price tag at the health food shop.
Where do you get yours from?Is there a good place in Oz to get quinoa at a cheaper price or do you just have to bite the bullet?

Kek said...

The brand I use is Lotus Organic Foods - I bought it a while back, and I seem to recall it wasn't exactly cheap.... I actually found it in the health food section at Coles, but it must not have been a big seller, because I've never spotted it since.

Don't get the flakes - the seeds are the go.

Sara said...

Palm sugar syrup?


Perhaps you need to reconsider the palm sugar syrup. ;)

Kek said...

It's not blog-worthy yet. The recipe is great, but cutting the quantities down for a single serve messed with the cooking times and the syrup ended up ready too early, turned into toffee, and then burned when I tried to reheat it. :o(

I need to experiment a bit.

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