Sunday, June 22, 2008

Over the hump!

So Friday was the winter solstice....I thought it was always the 21st or 22nd June? According to Trivial Pursuit, anyway. Perhaps it depends on whether it's a leap year or not. Or something.

Whatever, it means that the days start getting longer from now on - so, can I have a big HURRAH!!?

I hate winter.


Since this is a definite cause for celebration, I thought we should do something to mark the occasion. Never mind that we're a couple of days late. I was thinking maybe some special foods for dinner, something like that. Alright, so I was hoping that chocolate would be a compulsory part of the deal, so what?

Anyway, I Googled winter solstice and found that the ancient Romans used to hold the ritual of Saturnalia at this time. I read a bit further and discovered that it involved cookies (mmm!) and robes (yay! dress-ups!) and..... oh. Sacrifice.

Maybe we'll just have Tandoori chicken for dinner instead.


Unknown said...

Yahhhhh!! I'm with you Kerryn- I hate winter too! Love the winter solstice- now it just keeps getting betterer and betterer!! And I think chocolate is a PERFECT way to celebrate!

Vickie said...

you are too funny. turned the central air back on yesterday - supposed to be a HOT week. I would rather be in cold - except love the flowers and everything in full, lush green this time of year.

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