Sunday, June 15, 2008

That's the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it...

I was short on time this morning, and just couldn't fit in both my weights session and cardio in the time I had at the gym. So I opted to do my chest & arms workout there, and then improvise something later on for cardio.

I headed over to the park, and this is what I came up with (feel free to try it if you like):

Warm up: Walk to park, jog one circuit

Drill #1:
Full squats x 20
Half squats (bottom half) x 10
Half squats (top half) x 10
Full squat x 20
Squat and hold 15 seconds x 3

Jog a circuit of the park

Drill #2:
Ab plank 60 seconds
Mountain climbers x 50
Pushups x 15 (should have been 20, but give me a break - I just trained chest and arms!)
Bicycle crunches x 20

Jog a circuit of the park

Drill #3:
Step-ups x 15 each leg
Walking lunges x 20 (this was too easy, should have done 3 passes)
Full squats x 15
Skier lunges (side to side) x 20

Jog a circuit of the park

Drill #4:
V-sits x 20
Basic crunch x 20
Reverse leg raises x 15
Plank - single leg 15 seconds each leg x 2 (60 seconds in total), then staying in plank position, "walk" feet out to the sides and back to the centre x 20 (switch the leading leg after 10)

Walk for 10 minutes to cool down, stretch and then have someone call an ambulance.

Just how I like my cardio - brief, but brutal. Oh yeah!

*There are no rests between any of the exercises - everything is supersetted. The jogging intervals are your recovery breaks. Yes, I DO give this sort of workout to my clients. And yes, I DO enjoy watching them suffer. Muahahaha!


Unknown said...

You are truly a masochist and sadist all rolled into one!! Fab workout really- what a legend you are!!!

Kek said...

Linda, I love a challenge - as long as it doesn't involve steady-state cardio for hours and hours. I'd rather set fire to my hair....

I saw a woman at the gym this morning doing cardio on the bike, interspersed with intervals of some funky kind of bench jumps and plyo pushups. I'm trying that!

Debstar said...

Your workour sounds like fun. I'll have to give it a go real soon.

Sara said...

Kek, do you have Cathe's DRILL MAX? If not you should get it immediately. IMMEDIATELY I SAY! :D

SeLiNa said...

Ooooooooh that looks FUN!!
Might have to try me that!

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