Thursday, June 26, 2008

Twisted sister

Today I headed over to the park at lunchtime with my training buddy. Those gusty, almost gale-force winds we had today? Ha! We never even thought about cancelling.

He was keen to get a good thrashing, and I gave it to him. We jogged and sprinted, did high step-ups, lunges and pushups, some dips and about a billion other fun things. Then I casually mentioned that I had a great routine to finish off with. The poor dear never even suspected a thing...he obviously hasn't wised up that when I say "great" or "fun", I actually mean Torturous or Your LEGS are gonna fall off, Sucker!

Then I hit him with Alwyn's pushup/jump squat finisher. Is it sick and twisted to enjoy that look of pain on people's faces? Cos I'm just wondering...... :o)

Of course, you realise that I did the whole workout too..... and can I just say: that 'finisher' is a nasty little routine that had me uttering words that would make a wharfie blush.


Magda said...

Kek you are a NASTY NASTY EVIL woman ..... and I love that about you :-)

Great post below too. Words of wisdom once again.



emharvie said...

haha! You sound like my personal trainer. Can't believe your client hasn't caught on that your idea of fun might be slightly different to his!

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