Sunday, June 08, 2008

Waffling on

I hated my waffle-maker yesterday. I still hated it this morning. Then I figured out what I was doing wrong and produced these:

..... and now I love it.

Vanilla-buckwheat waffles - yum! And they're good for you, too.



ss2306 said...

How good would they be topped with ice-cream, honey and macadamia nuts!

No, just kidding. They look fab. Hope you enjoyed them.

Kek said...

Sounds like the perfect combination for a treat meal to me...

Must try that. :p

Unknown said...

I'm heading over to your place! Just pop the kettle on and I'll be there in 10!

Kek said...

The KETTLE, Linda? At this time of night, I think a nice glass of champagne would go nicely.


Amy said...

They look so delicious! I'm feeling hungry now. hehehe. I love reading your blog for some fantastic recipes.
All the best for your comp prep. Amy

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