Friday, June 27, 2008

What do you choose?

The last couple of days, I've been having lecherous thoughts - about food. Seems I've been severely tempted by enticing, delectable sweet treats everywhere I go. The supermarket, the coffee shop, the petrol station, everywhere....aargh! Except that.... when I really look at them, they're usually not so tempting.

This afternoon I took The Baby with me to the supermarket to grab some odds and ends, and he was dropping very unsubtle hints about getting something nice while we were at the shopping centre. So we went to the Coffee Club and while he ummed and ahed over exactly what to have, I glanced into the display case to see:

Choc-chunk macadamia cookies
Home-style melting moments
Apple slices
Caramel slices
And more.....

I was hungry, it was over 3 hours since my lunch, and I thought that maybe I might just have a treat meal now, instead of waiting for the weekend as I'd planned. I considered the apple slice - at least it has fruit, so there's some kind of merit in it, but that's really not my 'thing'. I looked at the cookies and brownies, but all I saw was a big pile of sugar and fat. The caramel slice? I've fallen for that before, bought one and found that it's not as good as my expectations. I wavered...will I? Won't I? And then I dragged out my current mantra: I choose not to.

Choice. That's the whole point: nobody is stopping me from eating those things if I want to. I'm in control, I make the choices. And while I could have any of those things right now, this minute if I wanted, I choose not to.

So I ordered a hot chocolate with marshmallows and a huge shortbread for The Baby, while I settled for a long black. My snack could wait another 20 minutes or so till I got home, I wasn't about to faint from hunger. As we sat waiting for our order, I saw the cheesecake again, and thought Mmm, that might be nice. But the moment had passed by then, and it was too much trouble to go and order something extra when it was just an impulse thing.

Now I just have to decide on what to have for my treat meal tomorrow (or maybe Sunday). I have some Lindt Orange Intense chocolate in the pantry, and there's a Hokey Pokey Cornetto in the freezer. Or do I want something entirely different? Hmm....


SeLiNa said...

HMMm ALMOST a hard decision, but I'd go with you on that one! :) You'll have to tell Little A that there's not allowed to be any sweet stuff while mums in comp mode! ;)
I gave my clients the leg finisher you mentioned. Let's just say they don't like you very much... ;P

Kek said...

Nah, he can have whatever he wants, it doesn't worry me. I'm eating plenty, and it's all tasty food that I like. Life's too short to eat stuff you can't stand, just because it's good for you... Tonight's yummy dinner: BBQ chicken, roasted pumpkin & chick pea salad and some kind of green stuff. Maybe with some Peri-Peri sauce.

Hey, don't blame ME for the "finisher". Blame Mr Cosgrove. He's mean.

ss2306 said...

Stop it! You know I LOOVVEE caramel slice, especially the ones from The Coffee Club! Them suckers are worth over 450 cals though. I had one on my first comp day and it was worth every calorie, my muscles loved it!

You did good - it's always a hard decision when you're right in the thick of it - hungry, tired, thirsty, craving, and every single one calls your name. That's where mental gymnastics comes into play.

On this occasion, first place to the figure competitor, Mrs Kek - congratulations.

I'm going to have my potato now!

Unknown said...

I am very impressed!!!

Magda said...

Kek I tell you I'd be figuratively speaking running from the caramel slice to the washboard abs. The question would be which had the greater pull. Some days the abs would win and some days the slice would. Gotta work on abs winning moe times than the slice.




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