Friday, June 06, 2008

What to do?

I'm in a quandary. I bought the latest issue of Delicious today and discovered a recipe for quinoa porridge. I LOVE quinoa porridge, but this one....THIS one, is made with coconut milk and a syrup made from palm sugar. And it's served with banana and shredded coconut. Mmm-mmm!

So what's the problem? Well I'm now torn between whipping up this gourmet delight for my brekky, or testing out the new shiny on a vanilla-buckwheat waffle, served with berries and yoghurt.

Hmm, which shall it be?

Since it's Saturday, I think maybe I need to have first and second breakfast.....


Debstar said...

Coconut milk and palm sugar?!!! Are you mad woman? Tear the recipe out rip it up into little pieces and never speak of it again. You've probably gained another 50 calories just by adding it to your blog.

Shauna said...

oooh wot a dilemma! will you let us know if you do the porridge though? my sis recently made a porridge with coconut milk, fresh mango and a squeeze o lime and said it was ace. would be interesting to try the ol quinoa! :)

Kek said...

Deb, you're hilarious - everything in moderation... I eat coconut milk once or twice a week normally, although I go for the reduced fat one to save on calories. And sugary treats now and then won't kill me.

Shauna - will do. Quinoa is a good grain (OK, so it's a seed, don't get picky), especially for veggos. Lots more protein than the average grain.

KatieP said...

Thanks for reminding me about the waffle maker I have sitting in the back of the cupboard.
I just has protein and banana waffles for breakfast with (sugar free) maple syrup and yogurt.

Clara said...

Don't you dare tear up that recipe! At least not until you share. Preferably promptly.

And whilst you are at it, 'nilla buckwheat waffles? Share with the poor Clara? Breakfast food I can usually manage NOT to set aflame. :)

Kek said...

Clara, I will definitely share the quinoa recipe, once I try it - which will probably be tomorrow.

I'm still perfecting the waffle recipe... stay tuned.

KatieP said...

My waffles are boring but here goes
1 whole egg
2 egg whites
30g protein powder
1/2 banana mashed up
a bit of psyllium husk to thicken.

That's it.

Kek said...

Ooh, thanks Katie... that gives me some ideas anyway. Mine were a bit heavy on the carbs this morning, I need to adjust the ratios a bit.

Anonymous said...

kek you just got added to Shrinking Kitty's blog roll.

do you feel dir-tay or what??

Kek said...

Dirty, Miss Kitty? Nuh-uh...I feel special.


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