Wednesday, June 18, 2008

When in doubt, read the instructions

Today's workout was chest and arms, plus a lovely cardio workout entitled "suicide thrashers". I got my weights session done first thing, but had to leave cardio for later on. I thought I'd do it at lunch time, and carted my workout clothes, runners etc into the office with me. The weather forecast looked grim and I was secretly hoping it'd pour with rain so I'd have an excuse to postpone my torture..... It didn't.

So I got changed and set off for the park. I had my bottle of water and my bright orange safety cones to mark out my distances. But I realised when I got to the park that I'd forgotten:

- my iPod
- my heart rate monitor
- my workout instructions

All of which were in my bag, in the shower room back at the office. Oops. Oh well, I'd just have to manage without music, and I forget my HRM about half the time anyway. Luckily, the workout was so scary, the instructions were burned into my brain.

It consisted of suicide runs (oh, joy!) interspersed with a slightly cut-down version of one of Alwyn Cosgrove's nasty routines - the dreaded Leg Matrix. Instead of 24 reps, I "only" had to do 16. I paced out my distances and set out the cones, took a deep breath and got started. The runs were horrific, the leg supersets brutal, and there was barely any recovery between each combo. I was gasping like a landed fish and I thought my heart might actually explode out of my chest. I didn't need my HRM to tell me I was working hard. I got some really odd looks from passers-by too, especially when I got to the jump lunges.

The only part of the instructions I wasn't sure on was how many repeats I was supposed to do. I thought it was 6......but I got to 5 and my legs decided that was it - I was DONE.

I crawled back to the office, showered and dressed and then checked the instructions. And discovered that it was meant to be 3 repeats. Only three. *cries a little*


Em said...

That sounds brutal hun!
I think thats amazing that you got through such a tough workout even though you had no instructions or music! I find I slack if I don't have good music to push me through.
Have a great week hun:)

SeLiNa said...

Oooooooooh I like!!!!!!!

Charlotte Orr said...

LMAO, that vid on Alwyn's blog is great. That's exactly how I was when I got to the jumping lunges - wobbly legs!

ss2306 said...

Sorry - can't help but laugh!

I sometimes secretly hope it's raining when I get up in the early hours but when it's not off I go and come home feeling fantastic for it.

No doubt you felt fantastic after this hard arsed workout.

Luv Shelley

Kek said...

Yes, Shelley, I felt fantastic. Except for my legs. They just wouldn't do what I wanted them to. I stood at the top of the stairs to the basement where the showers are and WILLED them to walk down, but nope....not happening. Brain said "go", legs said "get stuffed". So I stumbled over to the lift.

How embarrassing; I NEVER take the lift! Not even in high heels with hot coffee and an armful of files.

I might be more sympathetic next time I give a client the leg matrix to do. Then again, probably not. ;o)

LizN said...

I wonder what coach prescribed THAT workout :)


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