Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Whose brilliant idea was this again?

I've had a great week of training so far.

Monday: legs, Tuesday: back and shoulders, Today: chest and arms. Plus some cardio and I threw in a nice 40 minute walk yesterday morning, in the dark and the fog.

Then at lunchtime today, I headed over to the park with a workmate who had asked me to write him a program a week or so ago. I (foolishly) offered to join him for an outdoor session once a week or so, and today was our first one. So we jogged, ran and sprinted, we did squats and lunges, dips and step ups, inverted rows and pushups, more sprinting, more squats, walking lunges, and on and on till 30 minutes was up.

Half an hour never sounds like much, but I managed to completely trash him.... and I was only marginally better off. My heart rate hit 211 - nice workout! But my quads and glutes are going to hate me tomorrow.

Actually, I think HE'S going to hate me tomorrow. :o)


Unknown said...

I feel as though I've worked out just by hearing what you put him through!

Debstar said...

There's nothing more satisfying than making a grown man suffer. Let us know how he's going.

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