Monday, July 07, 2008

All running to plan

Yesterday was a lovely, lovely higher calorie day for me. I ate my way through what seemed like a mountain of food - all healthy (except my "treat" Cornetto) and all delicious. Almost 1800 Calories worth. And this morning, I've dropped 700g since last week.

OK, so I do need to factor in the unplanned GAIN I had last week, thanks to my insane eating the previous weekend. But still....a 700g loss, right after a big calorie/big carb day. You've gotta be happy with that!

I have a feeling the scales will be dropping again this week. In fact, I expect some fluid loss these next couple of days, so I'm keen to see the numbers around the end of the week.

And today, even though I'm restricted to 1350 Cals, I have oatmeal apple pie to look forward to when I get back from the gym. Ah, life is GOOD!

Hmm, gym - that reminds me - I'd better get moving!


In case anyone cares, this what I got through yesterday - not a lot of meals, but some of them were huge! :p

Brekkie: Fruity pancakes with yoghurt
Snack: None - got up late, had an enormous brekkie and wasn't hungry between 8:00am and 1:00pm
Lunch: Soft chicken taco with tomato salsa, home-made corn salsa and natural yoghurt
Snack: Caramel Hokey-Pokey Cornetto (THAT was in the freezer for 3 weeks - or was it 4? Who knew I had such restraint?)
Dinner: Tandoori chicken, steamed rice, huge salad, 2 pappadums
Dessert: Oatmeal apple pie, vanilla yoghurt



Anonymous said...

Just catching up with posts. A 10B bra -- that sounds mega tiny!

Yes, Kek, I do think that my spiked BP may be due to an infection in the mastoid wotsits now, rather than muscular skeletal problem but I am waiting to get my amateur diagnosis confirmed next week !!!

Jacque said...


Please tell us your recipe for oat meal apple pie!!


p.s love your food blog.

Kek said...

Sorry Jacques, I can't share that particular recipe due to copyright restrictions (see previous post). But I'll keep adding new treats to my recipe blog. Nice to know someone appreciates them!


Anonymous said...

Kek...that menu seems awesome...mmmm congrats on doing so well!!!

SeLiNa said...

Gosh you've been busy; just catching up on your kazillion posts :)
You're on FIRE!!! YAY to the training bras.. not ;P
And you didn't run into a car did you...?!!!!! ;)

Jacque said...


Im such an idiot, i didnt even notice that in your previous post!! and i have that cook book!! Thanks ill check it out,

Keep up the recipes, they make my day!!


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